Water Treatment Services at Edline Technologies Limited, Nigeria

Edline technologies has been providing practical water treatment solutions since its inception, including the treatment of ARD (Acid Rock Drainage) and heavy metal contaminated wastewaters, since 2004. During this time, Edline technologies developed a reputation as an organization with exceptional understanding of water treatment, providing innovative and practical treatment solutions to mineral processing and industrial facilities. Partner with Edline technologies and let our experienced experts help you achieve affordable, efficient water treatment results.
Our extensive experience in pilot studies enables us to methodically pilot and design efficient, cost effective ARD treatment plants based on available, proven technologies. Some of your effluent treatment options include:

  • Lime precipitation including the HDS (High Density Sludge) process in which limestone/lime and recycled sludge are added to the lime-sludge mix tank at the beginning of the process to become the main neutralization agent
  • Engineered wetlands
  • Carbon adsorption
  • Ion exchange
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Electro-dialysis
  • Biological systems
  • Ozonation

Edline technologies has a state-of-the-art mobile pilot plant and treatment plant available for testing and treatment of contaminated solutions. These provide credible baseline information and help us establish reliable design parameters for treatment plants.

Water Treatment Process
At Edline technologies we focus on helping you develop a truly sustainable water management plan, not just an end-of-pipe solution. We have the technical expertise to provide effective mitigating strategies and innovative, practical solutions that reduce the environmental impact of your operations. Our water treatment experts will conduct the following procedures to ensure your water treatment project is completed efficiently and affordable:

  • Plant or site audit and recommendations
  • Laboratory testing
  • Pilot-scale testing when necessary
  • Design and engineering of water treatment solutions
  • Construction management

We will continue with you during and after your project start-up to ensure operational excellence and provide modifications and calibrations as required.
Put the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and Certification Company to work for you, and let us reduce your operational risks and liabilities. Our water treatment specialists are ready when you are.

Our Contact Details at EdlineTech

  • Office Address: 11, Ibijoke James, Ire-Akari Estate, Isolo, Lagos.
  • Tel: +234 01-7323844, +234 80 5656 3066, +234 80 3631 0087